Earthworks & ital Ltd

About Us.


The incorporation of EARTHWORKS & ITAL LTD. in the year 2002 was a natural progression, from a parent company; Integrated Quality Technologies Ltd (IQT). When the demand for complimentary and specialized services with enhanced management system became obvious,
a team of industrial experts with extensive technical experience and management prowess was assembled to achieve the objectives and conquer the millennial challenges.
The dawn of the new millennium was a period of transition for our company brought about by one factor, TECHNOLOGY.

The company aims to build convergent business upon the foundation of the four segments it possesses – Engineering construction, Manpower services, Equipment leasing, and Architectural design & presentation.
These services will be bundled together where it is required, because customers, in particular corporate customers, have become increasingly sophisticated and are demanding total solution to their various project requirements.
EARTHWORKS & ITAL is established on a solid foundation geared towards quality in every undertaking. The strength of organization has scaled a trend – from human resources to technical competence.
In simpler terms, the company aims to enhance qualitative workloads; to maximize utilization to technologies and all other state-of-the-art advancement, and foremost to offer clientele service at most reasonable prices and within the highest quality standard.

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